Finding Your Voice from Dr. Richard Twiss

I have officially been convicted of being the ‘nice Christian.’

Twiss is an important Lakota Christian theologian. While his book, “One Church, Many Tribes,” didn’t really challenge me, I’m finding the precious YouTube videos of his speaking massively influential.

(Though I’d love to read his ‘Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys.’)

This video below is awesome, too, if you can ignore the White agnosia.

Twiss speaks eloquently of taking young Christians teachers into a traditional Lakota inipi and how the Holy Spirit ‘doesn’t know where it’s allowed and not allowed.’ He then speaks simply of how a Christian inipi then is one that invites the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, and not the spirits of the grandfathers as Traditionals would.

However, he challenges these people first to realize that Jesus goes wherever He likes.

This is the masculine Lakota understanding of the Holy Spirit as being different than our other spiritual relatives.

I hadn’t realized that Dr. Twiss had passed away in 2013. Rest in Peace, sir.


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